with David Moore,
Gratnells storage
planning expert.

Gratnells storage expers David Moore

Know your area:

  • is it one wall?
  • part of a wall?
  • a large portion of a prep room?
  • is it chemical stores?
  • part of or a complete store room?

Area size:

In order to maximize your storage area please make sure that all pipes or ventilation ducts are removed before you measure as the Gratnells frames will need to be installed flat against your walls. Check in cupboards as pipes are sometimes hidden from view.


The best way to increase your storage area is to place Gratnells frames back to back to form storage bays of units as shown in the picture below.

3D Planner layout example

800mm gap:

Leave a minimum of 800mm between frames and bays. This allows for walking space, pulling trays out and pushing trolleys. Ask yourself if 800mm will be enough room.

Remember: Do you require any trolley space?


Take care to measure your storage space - be as accurate as possible. Also, remember to include your doors and windows.

Remember: Measure from skirting board to skirting board and door frame to door frame as the Gratnells frames will be placed flat against these.

Think about it:

Do you need open frames with wide shelves for long/big items. Do you need wide wooden trays to store long glassware?


Our trays come in 4 useful depths. Check our tray sizes and consider what items would be best suited to which tray. Remember: Our Storage System is truly flexible. You can mix and match different size trays and add small single shelves.

Ready to Relax:

We have created several frame and trolley complete units with various tray sizes, shelves and wooden shelves so you can pick and plan straight away.

Remember: All our frames can use fixing brackets to fix to walls and to other frames in storage bays for extra safety.

Inserts and lid:

We have an extensive range of tray inserts which are specifically designed for specialist equipment. Our protective lid fits all depths of tray meaning your valuable equipment will have extra protection, giving you peace of mind.


Our frames and trolleys are delivered flat packed. To help you out, we offer a professional installation service for UK only.