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Why cant I see any prices?

No product prices are displayed in 3D Planner as is is not intended to be a 'shopping basket' as such, but a visual aid and layout tool.

However, when you have completed your layout you can send it to us by clicking 'save' and we will send you a full quote.

If you would like a price list sent to you please fill in our 'Brochure & Price List Request Form' that can be found on our main site HERE (opens in new window)

Can I save my design to view later?

Yes. Although we recommend you try to complete your room layout before saving. The reason for this is, when you save your design, by clicking the 'SAVE DESIGN' button at the bottom of the screen, you will be asked to fill in your details. This information will then be sent to us along with your design so that we can prepare a quotation pack which will be sent out to you. After you ave filled in your details you will be given the opportunity to save your design to your computer. PLEASE NOTE: If you have not finished your design and are not ready to have a quotation pack sent to you, please say this in the 'comments' box on the form.

How do I load a previously saved design?

Launch Gratnells 3D Planner, select 'just browsing' and click 'next'. At the top of the screen, above the three room layouts, click 'PERSONAL DESIGNS'. In the new window that pops up click 'BROWSE' and navigate to where you saved your 3D Planner file. Now click 'LOAD DESIGN'.

CD Version

How can I get a copy of 3D Planner on CD?

You can have a copy of Gratnells 3D Planner sent to you on CD so you can run it directly from your computer. Click here to go to our '3D Planner CD request form' and fill in your details.

Do I have to install any software on my computer?

Gratnells 3D Planner will run from the disc on a Windows PC, so nothing will need to be installed on your computer.

Can I save my design to view later?

Yes. Click the 'SAVE DESIGN' button at the bottom of the layout screen. In the next screen type a name for your design and a description (optional), then click 'SAVE'.

How do I load a previously saved design?

Launch Gratnells 3D Planner and select 'JUST BROWSING' then click 'NEXT'. Then click 'PERSONAL DESIGNS' form the top of the screen above the room layouts. Select the design you previously saved from the box on the right and click 'LOAD'.

How can I get a quote for the products in my new design?

Once you have finished designing your room layout click the 'SAVE' button at the bottom of the screen, then name your layout. Close 3D Planner then go to the 'START' menu of your computer and click 'SEARCH' (for windows XP users). Chose 'all files and folders' and then enter the name you saved your layout as followed by .3ds. When your computer has found the file attach it to an email and send it to together with your name, address and contact details, plus any other info you think we should know.

We with then send you a quotation pack.